Mission Statement: Leadership by the Power of Example.

Honest myth and mystery wrapped in a cultural question, what is innovation? Hear me out, a concept old as time and nascent with respect to humanity. The idea is to create, but maybe not all stories are equal at inception, for example, some products are more equal than others. Perhaps, a bad idea to be too apocryphal at first blush for the sake of competition and the freedom to choose, said I. Nevertheless, fun is still good, and the act of dancing is always better together: it's the priorities in life that are salient to success. In the interest of professional candor and reputation, I digress, move forward with good faith, and seek to build healthy relationships.
Please allow me to re-introduce myself, my name is Benjamin Fischman, and, I prefer to identify myself as a self-described humble renisance dude with thoughts and some fiber in my soul that will not allow my mind and body to rest. In general, folklore would be wise to recall with precision. Yes, I too have a dream, but I am not sure where we go from here. My nature is to choose the path less traveled, brain akin to a steel trap, eyes of an eagle, and head on a swivel like an owl. Each challenge tempers my talents and clarifies the promise of a better future for all.
Often where there is a promise, the peril is found. Technology is, again, at a critical inflection point. Top of mind, how does an industry, or for that matter any organization, conceptualize power? To put it simply, in my opinion, power is what one believes. Digital transformations and unicorn fairytales fill the heads of the naive, even fatuous, like a siren song to our dear Ulysses — a moth loves lights. At the crossroads of memetics and genetics is where we sapiens signal our virtues and code our values. Mealy-mouthed enchantments sway the heart, but don't hark now the empowerer got a new vibe. Long story short, concision is tough if no one can agree where the epic long-tail poem starts and "normality" ends. Business as usual is par for the course as the third modernity is nigh —loyalty is a two-way street. I remain an optimist because, circling back, attitude and mindset are the few topics within the nature of the rational realm's power to control. Child of calamity, in the end, we are what we become. To be clear, I created this prototype website from scratch, solo, in what I will lovingly acknowledge is a mythical one month. Check out the portfolio section and play around with some demos.
All of this to say, on a personal note. I too enjoy long walks on the beach, movies, sports, puppet theatre, and spinning fire poi when I have the privilege of time as an ally! Ay, a taste for courage with a broadband curious intellect, I often find myself pondering the big stuff. To be sure, maybe one day I too will write a book, but I hope we can all agree, my dear readers, there is no panacea. For now, I aim to continue kicking hard in the fluid milk of interesting trouble and push to improve the marketplace of ideas with every keystroke I have left as a testament to gravities' constant pull on the sands of time. Inclusive of family and texting the cousins, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. Yes, it's important to scratch a niche and churn butter, so that one is fit to be given an honorable role in the veracity of real history. To be earnest, I have aspirations to self-actualize as a wealth creator for the benefit of all humankind, give a voice to those in need, and share stories of sucess.
Just for today, Lord please give me faith as I work to fall asleep a better person than I awoke and create a career that will leave a legacy of inspiration to future legends and leaders.
Open to everyone's constructive feedback with gratitude and remember... Go for it!